About us


We are a young engineer company based in Asturias, which in just a few years has become in a reference company, in several business sectors. From our founding, in 2008, we have been distinguished as being a dynamic and flexible company, perfectly adapted to change.



Our beginnings as a company dedicated to electrical installations in public buildings led to the specialization in renewable resources and telecommunications fields. Later, our evolution and business development lead us to continue with the activities diversification, gradually introducing new business lines such as industrial and naval electricity and, recently, the E-House.



Our growth has been accompanied by a continuous process of expansion and internationalization that has enabled us to work from the local to the global level. We are located in Asturias and our customers in a wide range of countries. The extensive business vision, which characterizes us, has led us to be present in markets across the globe, from Europe to Africa, Asia and America.

Expansión España Italia Portugal Reino Unido Bulgaria Panamá Chile Venezuela Méjico Perú Honduras Ecuador Puerto Rico El Salvador Japón Bangladesh Egipto Ghana El Congo


Within our activity sectors, we work in a forefront innovation environment, and all our energy is focused on knowing and meeting our customers requirements. A significant portion of our success is in our flexibility and substantial adaptability to particular needs or conditions that the client raises to us.


Team and resources

Our corporate headquarters, located at Olloniego Industrial Park (Oviedo, Asturias) has complete facilities of over 5000 square meters, in which distributes the supply storage, an area dedicated to electrical installations and a metallic buildings factory, recently created, where we produce the E-Houses. Furthermore, we have more than 300 square meters of offices, where the administration department, technical office and business management are located.


We have the material resources necessary to carry out all our works, efficiently and with high quality. We have gantry crane, folding machine, table shears, saw cut, welding sets, punching presses, etc.


We possess a wide vehicle fleet for business office and vans for movement to our works and for material transportation.


The Electroinnova human team has the experience and abilities necessary to manage any project in a complete way. Thanks to a combination of professionals, certified as the best in their professions, we offer the clients an expert technical assistance, in our own facilities and on field.


We promote a work environment grounded in trust and commitment, principles which make possible the development of a working relationship, with firm and lasting foundations. We welcome our employees professional involvement, searching the excellence in every business line that we have, receiving their talent as one of Electroinnova great values.

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Our clients

Our greater worth and main guarantee is being backed up by leading companies worldwide. We appreciate the commitment of our clients with Electroinnova, and the trust they have placed in us for years.

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